Name Year Director Languages Genre
63 Up 2019 Michael Apted English Documentary
Antebellum 2020 Gerard Bush, Christopher Renz Horror
Barb and Star go to Vista del Mar
Bombshell 2019 Jay Roach English Drama
Cave, The 2019 Feras Fayyad Arabic Documentary
Come to Daddy 2019 Ant Timpson English Horror, Thriller, Comedy
Cunningham 2019 Alla Kovgan English Music & Live Performance, Documentary, Biography
Easy Land 2019 Sanja Zivkovic English Drama
Frankie 2019 Ira Sachs Drama
Greed 2019 Michael Winterbottom English Drama, Comedy
I Still Believe 2020 Andrew Erwin, Jon Erwin English Drama, Biography
In Fabric 2019 Peter Strickland English Mystery, World Cinema, Documentary, Comedy
John Prine: Hello in There 2019 Zachary Fuhrer English Documentary
Kill Team, The 2019 Dan Krauss English War, Thriller, Action
Knives Out 2019 Rian Johnson Mystery
Lie Exposed 2019 Jerry Ciccoritti English Drama
Little Joe 2019 Jessica Hausner English Sci-Fi
Mister America 2019 Eric Notarnicola English Comedy
Pain and Glory 2019 Pedro Almodóvar Mystery, World Cinema, Documentary, Comedy
Percy 2019 Clark Johnson English Drama, Biography
Raise Hell: The Life & Times Of Molly Ivins 2019 Janice Engel English Documentary
The Climb 2019 Michael Angelo Covino English Drama, Comedy
The Traitor 2019 Marco Bellocchio Italian Drama, Crime, Biography
Whistlers, The 2019 Corneliu Porumboiu Russian, English Thriller, Drama, Crime, Comedy
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